Ice Breaker effect!

After what seemed like a long break from choir over Easter the choir met together with excitement and enthusiasm.   Meeting up with familiar friends and greeting new faces, welcoming them to our group.  We all agreed that we had missed choir rehearsals and were glad to be back and working on new pieces of music.  we are all ready for a new challenge together!!  Bohemian Rhapsody being introduced as a new challenge!!

Rehearsals are as much social events as learning and practising music.

Researcher have recently found something that we, as choir members, already know that singing together is a great icebreaker.

Sharing a common experience helps to build bonds and the recent study has shown that singing bonds people more quickly than other activities.  Loneliness and isolation have been identified as being a factor in a lot of health care problems in the UK at the moment and it is now being recognised that being part of a choir could be a huge benefit to many people.  Scientists are set to investigate the applications of the bonds that are forged through choir membership and whether it can be used to fight loneliness within communities, as well as the impact on breathing and heart rate and other health benefits.  Whilst choir members already  know how good they feel after a rehearsal or a performance, part of that is the great feeling singing with others and being part of a community.


Link to a recent article about this research –

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