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Spread the Word

Research tells us that singing is good for you as has been mentioned in a previous blog post.  Those of us who already enjoy singing know this.  feeling better after a good sing on a Monday evening is almost guaranteed! The Choir, now in it’s third year, have applied for a grant from the Postcode […]

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Lift your spirits with song!

It’s official. Singing makes you happy! Thanks to the media and TV shows like Gareth Malone’s The Choir there is a sudden interest in choirs and singing. Scientists are backing the trend telling us that singing is good for you. Those of us already enjoying singing (especially in a choir) know this – we’re quite […]

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Happy New Year! Sing a Joyful Song!

Happy New Year everyone! The choir returned in full voice and began rehearsing in preparation for their Spring performance. There was a definite air of enthusiasm and enjoyment as the first meeting of the new year commenced. Anybody seeing the members of Oakenshaw Community Choir leaving the church on Monday evening would have been struck […]

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