Stop worrying! Start singing!

We enjoy singing and sharing our music but many people believe that they are unable to sing.  Singing has been part of different cultures all over the world for thousands of years.  It is part of human nature, you might say that singing is in our genes.  Singing helps to maintain our well being and state of happiness like play, laughter, exercise and sunshine.  It is a fundamentally enriching experience which humans have enjoyed and used for a very long time.

If we consider that our ancestors started to sing, after a fashion, by making musical type noises, probably even before they could speak in any recognisable language.  We find that singing has been significant feature across all religions, cultures and societies throughout time.  Singing has bonded and maintained groups of people (tribes) and is part of customs, teaching, worship, partying and socialising.  It has been observed by sociologists & anthropologists observing tribal traditions and histories of ancient cultures.

It seems that we are “hard wired” for producing singing sounds, just as we are programmed to listen and respond to singing and music made by other people.

Singing is a part of everyone of us, in one way or another and is all around us.  We can all sing but at some time in our lives we stop!  Somewhere between childhood and adulthood many of us give up the belief that we can sing.  There is a tendency to think that it only applies to someone who is “a singer”!  We lose confidence and become self-conscious about our ability to sing and this inhibits us.

Maybe you are one of those people who says ” I can’t sing,” “I’m tone deaf”?    If so just think of those times when you have sung.  How many times have you happily joined in with a rendition of Happy Birthday; sung the national anthem; joined in a chant at a sports game; sang hymns in church or Christmas carols?  How many times have you sung in the shower or accompanied the radio when it has played your favourite track?  We instinctively hum and sing along, almost subconsciously at times when we are working especially practical tasks such as gardening and housework.

Song is the background to our lives quite often.  Songs, lullabies and nursery rhymes accompany our childhood and we pass those traditions on to our own children and grandchildren.  Singing is used as a teaching tool in school for alphabet and numbers without any thought or question by the children and teachers involved.    Children instinctively love rhyming and playing with sounds, experimenting with their voices at different pitches and notes.  Just think of the many playground games that involve singing.

Just think of this –

Every singer starts as a beginner,

Every singer struggles,

Every singer makes mistakes.

Every singer will fall a lot and have to get back up,

We all go through the same things!!….

None of us are perfect.

In a choir we encourage an support each other.


Stop worrying and start singing!!


 Here’s a link to a great poem –

This should be set to music – great poem by Bob Parsons of Stevenage Male Voice Choir




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