Health Benefits of Singing with a choir.

“Group singing is a great way of channeling a shared joy, which increases your happiness in an instant” says psychologist Dr. Becky Spelman.

Singing together is a fantastic way to energize and refresh yourself, lift your spirits and reduce your stress levels. It also has proven benefits for those with respiratory, memory and circulatory problems.

Making music with other people can have an enormous influence on an individual’s physical health and on mental, emotional and social wellbeing. A large amount of scientific evidence now exists to prove the connection between music and a positive impact on the brain as well as the respiratory improvements that can be achieved through singing and singing exercises. Anyone who has sung in a choir, or played an instrument with a group of people, will recognise the uplifting and energising power of music to make you feel good. It has a uniquely universal appeal, and can bring people together from many different backgrounds. There is a growing body of scientific evidence that suggests that participants in music making can experience beneficial effects relating to health issues in a range of specific areas:


Memory and focus, possibly relating to symptoms of old age and dementia.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) and other breathing-related conditions.
Depression and anxiety.
Confidence, energy and self-esteem.
General wellbeing and happiness

“Since suffering a stroke 5 years ago, lots of things changed in my life. I found it difficult to fill my weeks with things I was able to do.  That was until I decided to join Oakenshaw Community Choir when it started up 3 years ago – it gave me a new lease of life!

I have always enjoyed music, but to actually sing together with a great group of people is so uplifting and energising. It has given me the confidence to socialize again, and I have made many new friends.  I have also been able to help with the printing of the music and perform other jobs for the choir which keeps me busy during the week.  I really look forward to our weekly rehearsals; it has become an important part of my life!”

Jack, member of Oakenshaw Community Choir

Singing with a choir creates a positive community, helping people to switch off from the stresses of life for a little while, calming whilst lifting the spirits which in turn boosts the immune system. It is a great social event too where friendships are made as members support and encourage each other, laughing and feeling great when they hear the beautiful sound create by a group of voices.

Singer Hayley Westenra said about singing: “Singing’s great for your health – it’s stress relieving, it’s calming, it’s good for posture as well… I have the best job in the world! Plus it’s nice to have that camaraderie when you’re involved as part of a group.”

Why Join The Choir?

Sing and make music for the sheer joy of it!

Finding a voice and growing in confidence. Perform songs that we love to sing and share the pleasure with other people, through rehearsals and performance.

Have fun and find new friends. Enjoy learning together as a group, sharing the laughter and joy that it brings.


choir singing

Want to Join The Choir

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