New Year! New Song!

After a successful 2017, the choir is looking forward to a new year with new challenges, new songs and new friends!

After a two week break for Christmas and New Year we return to rehearsals on Monday the 15th January at 8pm with all the anticipation of learning a new repertoire of songs together.  Songs from many genres and traditions, old and new, different styles and cultures.

We welcome new members at any time of the year but particularly at this time. Anyone who enjoys singing is welcome, there are no auditions and no requirement to be able to read music. The atmosphere is informal, so people feel welcome and supported.  We are a positive community of people who come together to share the joy of music and singing.

The purpose of our choir is not only to prepare for performance, but to sing for the sheer joy of singing. Singing helps the body produce endorphins, the happy hormones, which lifts spirits and boost the immune system.  As well as other great health benefits all round, for breathing, for your heart and for emotional well-being.  In other words singing is good for the soul!

If you fancy trying us out, come along for a free taster session.  We are aiming for our first performance of 2018 in April, which will be a fundraiser for Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice.

Please do come along and give it a go! Share the song!

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